The Complete Dosage Information About Levitra

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction problem that is preventing you from enjoying your sex life? Do you want to get rid of the ED problems and become a rock solid performer like some of the porn artists? Well, ED problems in middle aged men are getting more common these days and the modern day lifestyle, stress, strain and unhealthy eating habits are all some of the factors that are driving men to become impotent. There are drugs available in the market to treat the impotence problems in men. Levitra is a patented pill that will help in giving you the hard and solid erection that you always wanted when having sex with your partner.

How It Works?

Levitra is a drug that is brought into the market by two popular brands, Bayer and Glaxo SmithKline. It is a vardenafil drug that will help in relaxing the muscles in your penile area and therefore allow more blood to flow into your penis. As the flow of blood is more, your penis will get a rock solid erection if it is stimulated or sexually aroused. The drug will not work by itself and you will enjoy erection of your manhood only when stimulated.

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended that most of the people suffering from ED problem start to take Levitra dosages of 10 mg a day. The drug has to be taken orally with plenty of water. It is advised to take this drug at least an hour before your planned intercourse or sexual activity. It is recommended that you take just one pill a day and you should give at least a 24 hour gap before taking the next pill dosage.

Dosage Adjustment

You can adjust the Levitra daily dosage according to its effectiveness. Start with 10 mg at first and if it does not work, then you can try out 20mg to begin. Slowly bring this dosage down to 10 mg and the finally to 5 mg based on the side effects and the efficacy you experience. The only thing that you need to be careful about is not to exceed the Levitra maximum dosage level of 20 mg a day and to take the pill more than once a day.

Other Dosage Recommendations

  • Levitra drug can be taken without food, but it is not advisable to take grapefruit juice and alcohol when taking the pill.
  • It is recommended that people with 65+ age must Patients with moderate hepatic impairment can take a recommended dosage for Levitra of minimum 10 mg and maximum 10 mg only.
  • Patients taking nitrate drugs, undergoing renal dialysis, have low blood pressure and who have suffered from heart, liver or kidney problems, are advised to stay away from Levitra pill.
  • Patients who are on stale alpha blocker treatment are advised to just take a minimum dosage of 5 mg of Levitra orally once a day.


If you experience severe side effects, painful erections or if the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, then it is important for you to seek medical attention immediately.

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