Levitra Side Effects

Forasmuch as Levitra belongs to the group of the PDE5 inhibitor, intake of this drug gives an opportunity to cure erectile dysfunction in an effective way. As a result, after medication the opportunity to achieve and keep erection during sexual intercourse recuperates. Erection is followed by hemodynamic action which conduces to relaxation of unstriped muscles of cavernous body of penis. This process increases blood flow to penis.

As often as not Levitra intake doesn't cause problems; men are not incommoded by drug intake and rarely feel adverse experience. Fast absorbability is its main differential peculiarity. Men can feel drug action in 20-25 minutes after intake (this time fully depends on individual peculiarities of everyone). But those who made a decision to cure power loss with this drug should know side effects of Levitra. This information shouldn't be neglected because taking any drug, you influence somehow on your state of health.

Taking Levitra side effects of which are very inconspicuous you should know that drug effectiveness decreases after fat food consumption. Adverse effects are very weak and soon disappear. When doctor prescribes you medication with Levitra, he should take into consideration individual reaction on this drug. In some cases it happens and patients think that their unwellness is one of side effects Levitra cause.

So the main side effects of this pill are the following:

  • Headache,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Redness of face and the other parts of the body,
  • Apathy,
  • lack of coordination of muscle movements,
  • muscle tightness.

These are the adverse effects that happen in most instances. Bu they quickly disappear and doesn't require additional treatment. Every patient should know about them in order not to be caught at a week moment.

In some cases curing of erectile dysfunction with Levitra can be the reason of appearing the following side effects:

  • stomach pain,
  • sour or acid stomach,
  • dyspeptic syndrome,
  • swollen joints,
  • oscitation,
  • some changes in cholanopoiesis,
  • nasal hemorrhage,
  • insomnia,
  • back pain or the other kind of body ache,
  • temporary visibility deterioration,
  • dryness of the throat,

These side effects seldom may happen but if you feel at least one of them and it really disturbs you, you should immediately arrange a visit to a doctor.

In some cases patients can feel hypersensitivity reaction which mainly manifests itself as swelling of the larynx and anaphylactic reactions. Also, after Levitra intake some men noticed photosensitized reaction. In very rare cases Levitra can be the reason of priapism appearing.

Taking into account the fact that Levitra is a drug which causes directive effect, the quantity of side effects is not so huge. Nevertheless, the main reason of adverse effects appearing is overdosage. So if you are not sure concerning the dosage you need, ask a doctor. Urologist will take into account the peculiarities of your organism, your age and diseases you suffer from and will prescribe the most correct dose for you. It will help you to cure erectile dysfunction without side effects.

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