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Such tablet as Levitra is probably the saving grace for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and cannot have stable erection. This drug helps to get rid of complexes and bring back normal sexual life. But one should remember that no matter what effect drug has; this is always something not natural for our health. That's why one should remember that any pill should be taken carefully and the recommended Levitra dosage should never be increased.

Levitra is a medicine that should be taken orally, one pill of which is washed down with one glass of water. As a rule this tablet for erectile dysfunction curing must be taken without regard to timing of food ingestion. Taking into consideration the time-course of drug men can take it in 4-5 hours before sexual intercourse. In any case it will surely act if there is the object of sexual stimulation.

For the majority of men, the normal dosage of Vardenafil, the main active ingredient of Levitra, is 10mg. Levitra 10mg should be taken approximately in an hour before sexual intercourse. But in every case it would be better to ask the doctor's recommendation. The specialist will examine you and decide the most appropriate dose for you. Before taking this tablet one should remember that it is strictly prohibited to take more than one pill per day.

Levitra 5 mg is usually prescribed for men after 65. In most instances power loss is one of illnesses that frequently become the main 'headache' of men after 50. But this age is very dangerous and sometimes it happens that various cardio vascular diseases do not allow them leading normal sexual life. It means that Levitra can be taken only in low dosages and under doctor's supervision. The organism of a man in years cannot boast by fast drug absorbability, that's why they feel positive effect even after small dose intake. Also men who have serious hepar diseases should take Levitra 10mg only.

Depending on effectiveness and drug acceptability, single dose of Vardenafil can be increased to 20 mg per day. Levitra 20mg is taken only in case you feel that smaller dosage is not efficacious for you and you have no counter indications. But in most instances Levitra 10 mg is enough.

The smaller dose of this medicine you take, the better you feel. Smaller dose either doesn't cause side effects or the amount of them is reduced to a minimum. If patient is satisfied with minimal dosage there is no need to take heavy one.

The most profitable way to buy this medicine is Levitra 20 mg pill. You can divide one pill into four parts - each part contains 10 mg of Vardenafil, and takes only one part. If 10mg is not efficacious for you, redouble the dose or gradually increase it. But avoid overdosage, because daily rate of Levitra is 20 mg. Taking more than excepted dose you do harm to your health.

There is one more peculiarity of choosing the most correct dosage for everyone. Intake of some pills can reduce Levitra dosage. It means that if you take some medicines on a regular basis and decide to cure power loss with Levitra, first and foremost consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

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